About Us

Situated in the heart of Quebec City (Canada), BMCWholesale stands as a prominent industry leader since its establishment in 2015. Our innovative online platform specializes in the distribution of overstock and pre-owned merchandise, providing a revolutionary approach to accessing high-quality products. With a commitment to simplicity and affordability, our platform caters to both businesses and individual members. Boasting a seamless transaction experience, we have cultivated a vast community with thousands of active members spanning across Canada, the United States, and beyond. Enjoy the benefits of a FREE membership, and depending on your account status, unlock discounts of up to $50 per item.

Explore Our Product Range
Dive into the diverse array of products offered by BMCWholesale. Our dynamic inventory is in constant flux, updating minute by minute with the addition of new items throughout the day. Join the ranks of hundreds of active members who are continuously on the lookout for our quality products. Rest assured, our site maintains real-time accuracy in inventory levels and pricing, ensuring a reliable and up-to-date shopping experience.

Our Membership System

As you explore this page, you’ve likely already marveled at our exceptional low prices and diverse product selections. However, the good news doesn’t end there. In fact, our average selling prices are significantly lower than the numbers you see listed. Whether you’re purchasing a single item or hundreds in one order, our straightforward and hassle-free process ensures substantial savings. Your overall deal is determined by your account status, specifically your membership level and Claim-Status rating, not by the size of individual orders. Similar to airline mileage programs, the more purchases you make, the higher your membership level becomes. This means you can buy any quantity or model while enjoying promised discounts in each order. For newer buyers looking to expedite their membership status, immediate access to high discount rates is available by purchasing BMCWholesale Credit from our store. Our program not only guarantees fairness but also eliminates the need for negotiating deals. For a detailed overview of our programs, please review the membership policies below. And the best part? Membership is entirely FREE.

– BMC Wholesale Bronze member enjoy our regular pricing.
– BMC Wholesale Silver member
enjoy a $30 discount off the regular price per item.

– BMC Wholesale Gold member benefit from a $40 discount off the regular price per item.
– BMC Wholesale Platinum member receive an impressive $50 discount off the regular price per item.

Rewards through Membership Tiers*

From the moment you create a BMCWholesale account, you embark on your membership journey starting as a Bronze Member. Our structured membership discount program provides savings of $30, $40, and $50 as you progress to Silver (5,000 BMCWholesale points), Gold (25,000 BMCWholesale points), and Platinum (100,000 BMCWholesale points) membership levels, respectively, within the last 12 months. Accumulating BMCWholesale points is easy – for every dollar spent on products from a completed order (excluding those with Return Merchandise Authorization, Taxes and shipping fees), you earn one BMCWholesale point. It’s important to note that BMCWholesale points are non-transferable to a different account. Additionally, since the points account for transactions in the previous 12 months, inactivity may result in a drop in your membership status. *Terms and conditions apply.

Claims & Rewards Program

As a discount distributor committed to customer satisfaction, we extend a generous 90-day warranty policy to our valued members. In the event of a merchandise return, we gladly exchange the item at no additional cost, though refunds are not provided. Remarkably, many of our members experience minimal claims, contributing significantly to the efficiency of our operations. To express our gratitude, we pass these savings back to our members through additional rewards. For Platinum Member buyers, eligibility for this special discount is granted, complementing the membership level discount outlined earlier. A claim is registered when you exercise the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) and send back an item, regardless of the nature of the issue(s). If your claim rate remains at or below 1%, you will be entitled to Free Shipping on all your orders, in addition to your membership discount. This program is designed to appreciate our members who contribute to the smooth operation of our platform.

Store Credit Purchase*

For new members seeking an instant boost in Membership Rank, purchasing BMCWholesale store credit is an excellent opportunity. By acquiring, for instance, $25,000 BMCWholesale Credit, you immediately elevate your status to Gold Member, enjoying a $40 discount per item purchased, with $25,000 ready to be utilized for future transactions. The store credit you purchase has no expiration date, ensuring that any unused credit remains in your account until you decide to make use of it. Payment Options We offer diverse payment methods to accommodate your preferences. Accepted modes include all major credit cards, Paypal, Interac e-transfer, and Wire bank transfer. However, for credit card and Paypal transactions, please note that a third-party transaction fee of 3.5% will be applied to your bill. To circumvent this fee, you can leverage your bank for hassle-free electronic fund transfers through options such as Interac e-transfer or Bank Wire transfer. When opting for the bank transfer method during checkout, our system will promptly provide you with all the necessary information to complete the transfer efficiently.

Membership Points Verification and Upgrade Process

Once you have reached the specified number of points, BMC Wholesale conducts a manual verification of your account to ensure that the points have been accrued correctly. This thorough review is aimed at maintaining the integrity of our membership program.

Upon successful verification, your membership grade will be promptly updated. Typically, this process is completed within 24 business hours. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we strive to provide accurate and efficient service to all our valued members.

Shipping & Handling

Timely Processing:
At BMCWholesale, we prioritize efficiency. Purchase orders are typically dispatched within TWO (2) business days from the moment we receive your order. To enhance your experience, all shipments come with a tracking number, allowing you to monitor your package’s journey.

Local Pick-Up Option:
For added convenience, we offer a local pick-up option. If you prefer to collect your order in person at our Quebec City facility, simply place your order online and present the assigned order number when you arrive for pick-up. This streamlined process ensures a seamless experience for our local customers.

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