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Louis-Frédérik Hamelin’s Journey: Passionate Actuary and Founder of BMC Wholesale

After completing a Bachelor’s degree in actuarial science at Université Laval in 2010, Louis-Frédérik Hamelin worked for five years as an actuary in the fields of insurance and CSST (Now called CNESST) prevention mutuals. In 2012, he discovered his passion for mobile devices, and in 2015 he officially founded BMC Wholesale with a focus on rational, professional, and cooperative business practices.

Today, BMC Wholesale works with over a hundred partners and companies, helping them thrive by distributing high-quality mobile devices and offering expert advice to ensure their success. By selling over 500,000 mobile devices each year, BMC Wholesale is able to offer the best prices on the market.

BMC Wholesale can be reached at 1-866-750-1718 or by email at contact@bmcwholesale.com. Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed with our premium mobile devices and outstanding customer service.

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